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Booking a Course

A booking form will be sent by email for you to fill in, please fill in with all relevant information, this helps to prepare your certificate, and also allows the tutor to see what prior knowledge you hold. Emailing a copy of your main therapy qualification can be included with your booking form.

A down payment is required to secure your place, your place cannot be held for you until this has been received.

14 days before the course is held, full payment should be completed, this saves time on the course day.

A full receipt will be issued by request and the course manual will be given to you on the day of the course. You will not receive your manual until full payment is made.

Paying for your course

You can pay for the course by check, cash or by BACS or over the phone. Please contact guru holistics for details.

Deposit / down payment

The down payment is totally non-refundable. If you cannot attend the course your payment will not be returned to you. You may be able to transfer to the next course date if adequate notice is given.

Notice of attendance

If you cannot attend the course, 7 days notice must be given, you can then be transferred to another course. Your down payment / full payment can be transferred to the next course if adequate notice is given, an admin fee may be charged for this.

Notice of 7 days + = moving to another course date

Deciding not to attend the course = non-refundable payment/course fee not refundable
Notice of fewer than 7 days = loss of deposit and loss of course fee

Changing to another course or course date = £ 35 admin fee

Confirmation of course date

Courses are run on a minimum of 1 person attending, however, this will not give you the opportunity to receive a treatment on the day. Models chosen by the tutor will be made available to you on the day. On the rare occasions that this cannot be met, the tutor will be the model.

One-to-one packages can also be booked, please contact guru holistics for details.

In all cases, your course booking is not accepted until confirmed in writing / email and course fee payment is paid and cleared.

Course manual

The course manual is the property of guru holistics and is protected by copyright. You cannot reproduce any of the manuals without express written permission by guru holistics. You will be in breach of contract by using the manual or teaching the subject from the manual.

The course manual is given to you on the course once you have paid the full course fee. 


To practice the therapy that you have just studied by guru holistics, valid insurance is needed. Information regarding this is found in your manual.

All courses are accredited by either ABT, IPTI, TOWERGATE.

It is your responsibility to check that your existing insurance company will accept the course for insurance purposes.

Professional Standards

Guru Holistics teaches courses to a high standard adhering to all health and safety standards throughout.

Certificates are usually given out to students who have shown competence throughout the course. guru holistics has the right to withhold certificate if the tutor deems the student to not have reached a competent standard. Case studies will be set and reassessment will be arranged. There may be an additional charge for this.

Support will be given to the student throughout the course but also after the course, via email.
For professional standards, a certificate is awarded to show competence but it is expected that each therapist practices at least 6-10 times before taking payment and advertising for clients.

Attending the course

You will be expected to turn up on time for the course, the tutor is generally available for up to 15-30 minutes prior to the course start time and afterwards.

Any medical conditions should be discussed prior to the course and noted on your booking form. You should be prepared to give and receive treatments throughout the course to complete and be deemed competent.

  • Please be dressed appropriately; a therapy uniform, or jogging bottoms and a tee-shirt are acceptable.
  • Flat shoes or socks for footwear.
  • Short nails, you cannot perform massage with long nails, so please do not turn up with long nails.
  • Bring your manual with you unless pre-booked to have one provided for you.
  • Bring photocopies of your main therapy qualification, ie body massage, beauty therapy, alternatively, these can be emailed to guru holistics alongside the booking form.
  • A packed lunch and a drink to save time as lunch breaks are kept to a minimum.
  • A good standard of English is required.
  • Any items left will need to be picked up. If they are posted out guru holistics holds no responsibility to them arriving and a fee will be charged for postage. Items will be kept safe for collection.
  • Case studies must be posted and emails will no longer be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure they arrive, so, therefore, keep a spare copy in case they go missing in the post.


This course is taught to a high standard throughout, it does not diagnose medical conditions and should not be treated as a substitute for medical care. Contraindications and benefits are discussed as part of the course but are not intended to represent any medical advice, nor be deemed as a treatment to cure or prevent disease.

Manuals have been checked and approved for accreditation throughout.

Guru holistic training accept no liability for injury or loss to person or property throughout.

Guru holistics holds no responsibility for damage caused by you to another person after you have received your training. .

By attending training you are agreeing to the T&C listed